Gary Barlow helps Hidden Wounds charity record take off at Vulcan hangar

Take That superstar Gary Barlow went supersonic at the Vulcan hangar in South Yorkshire to help pal Eliot Kennedy and Jo Heselden-Edwards raise more than £65,000 for Help For Heroes charity Hidden Wounds. It launched Leeds girl Jo’s debut single – which is already shooting up the charts – and forthcoming album, also called Hidden Wounds.

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Everything Changes singer Gary cancelled a Take That trip to be there, revealed his best pal, song writing partner and show organiser, Sheffield’s Grammy Award winning Eliot..

The sold out event honoured the memory of Jo’s late father Jimi Heselden, the Leeds miner turned multi-millionaire inventor of the HESCO bastion ‘blast wall’, used to fortify military defences and credited with saving thousands of lives. His inventionn gave the name to Camp Bastion, in Afghanistan – where Gary and Eliot had previously entertained troops.

But the entertainment moved to Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport at the weekend when Eliot staged his latest big names charity concert as a dinner show.It launched the album he has made with Jo, called Hidden Wounds, with a title track which is already climbing up the charts. All proceeds will go to the charity of the same name, supporting ex-soldiers and those serving who suffer mental illnesses and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Take That fans, who snapped up tickets for the minimum £100 a head fundraiser, had flown in from all over Europe, including Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland.Hundreds of them dashed from their seat tables seats and rushed to get up close and personal with their idol when he was announced on stage. He treated them to a swing band medley of Take That’s greatest hits backed by Iain Dixon and The Woodchoppers.

Eliot’s pal Donny Osmond and Bear Grylls sent video messages, played on a big screen, and even Kensington Palace – official home of the Royal family – tweeted good luck, as #HiddenWounds started trending.The glitzy charity show, with introductions by our own Graham Walker, also included girl harmony trio The Puppini Sisters – famed for songs with Michael Bublé – Sheffield’s Tin Pan Alley TV star and multi-talented Max Restaino, hotly tipped Barnsley indie band Sundance, plus Joel Rothwell and Georgie Harrison from Eliot’s Steelworks Studio.

Guest speakers were veteran Tommy Lowther, who explained how Hidden Wounds has helped him, Tony Eaton, a regional manager for Help For Heroes, and retired Falklands War RAF pilot Martin Withers, the last man to land the Vulcan in Doncaster.Show producer Eliot said: “Gary cancelled a Take That trip to be here on Remembrance weekend.

“It was mental. He was swamped and had to move back to join us on a bigger stage. But Gaz is a seasoned professional and brilliant with his fans. I am so grateful he gave up his time for us.”Jo was petrified of performing but as soon as she got on stage it was the most natural thing I’ve ever witnessed. I had incredible conversations with some of the veterans and it really brought it home to me, to hear how they benefit from the charity.”It was Jo’s first ever concert and to have Gary Barlow supporting her headline set was surreal, she said after the show.

Holding back tears she said: “I’m buzzing. I’ve had such an amazing journey. I felt like my dad was stood at the side of me. He would be saying, ‘that’s my girl, you’ve done it – I’m proud of you’.”We want people to download our Hidden Wounds song from iTunes and make thousands and thousands of pounds for the charity.”

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